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About M.E.

I have been sewing since the tender age of 7. 
I have always loved fashion & the use of old textiles.

I started Melody Elizabeth in 2009. My studio is based in my historic home, circa 1920's, in Cincinnati.
I use vintage textiles and findings from the late 1800's to modern day, for all my creations, making “One of a Kind” handbags, clothing, jewelry and accessories for women. My wish is to create beautiful, well hand-crafted, tough, yet very feminine products, while accommodating modern necessities, with a love nod to the the past.

I use of vintage blankets & textiles, needlepoint, printed fabrics, leather, denim, ethnic textiles from all over the globe, lace, and other awesome finds/materials, for my art, crafting “One of a Kind” handbags, clothing, jewelry and accessories. All designed and made by my hand. When you purchase a Melody Elizabeth, you are buying a handcrafted, "one of a kind" art, from my heart to yours.

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