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  All my textiles are pre-washed, drip dried or thrown in the dryer.
  Care should still be taken with vintage fabrics & trim, they may eventually wear. That is the nature of vintage items & time. Use a dryer dry-cleaning kit or dry cleaners when cleaning non-washable goods.
For handbags, a damp cloth on the leather & polish. Keeps the leather fresh.
  Jewelry is soldered with lead free solder. Stones may fall off. It is the nature of antiques & their beautiful imperfections. Rhinestone chain can & will snag clothing.
  All my art is made to the best of my ability. With any handmade good, keep items out of sunlight & in humidity, it will keep them pristine.



  Each Melody Elizabeth piece is quality inspected by me, before shipping. I accept returns within 7 days upon received shipment. There is a 20% restocking fee, for return.

  I accept exchanges, but mailing costs are buyers responsibility, and difference in price, must be paid in full by buyer if item is more expensive, if less I will issue a refund less 20%.
  No item used, will be returned. Please do not remove tags. If the garment or handbag is worn,

I will not accept the return. 


  I am committed to the quality of my clothes and accessories and want my customers to be happy with them.
Please inspect your item carefully.
  As with any item that breaks/rips from use, I will happily fix your item for you, free of charge.

  Mail it to me, along with proper return postage Priority Mail,

so I can mail it back to you.
  I will try to fix the item as close to the original purchase.

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